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TIANQIU innovation fund project smoothly through the acceptance
May 7, 2014, guangzhou celestial high energy security environmental protection industrial co., LTD declare lithium - iron disulfide batteries and dongguan industrial park of mercury-free explosion-proof button to declare the celestial sphere alkaline manganese battery development two projects on April 24, successfully passed the national small and mid-sized enterprise technology innovation fund project for the first batch of qualified acceptance Technology innovation fund for small and mid-sized enterprise by the ministry of science and technology, director of the ministry of finance regulation, discount loans and funded through the unpaid capital in three ways, support the development of science and technology innovation of small and medium-sized enterprises to small and mid-sized enterprise venture capital guiding fund project.

Astronomical research and development of a new generation of high-energy lithium - iron disulfide battery products, security environmental protection science and technology innovation fund project Numbers for: 10 c26214414755 this is a kind of high-energy battery of green environmental protection, and carbon batteries and alkaline batteries alternative products This product has solved the suitable electrolytic fluid system, optimization of electrolyte dosage, avoid the problem such as inflatable battery leakage; Use rolling membrane sheet of legal system, make more uniform contact active material additives, and effectively reduce the powder and prevent internal short circuit, thereby greatly improving the safety of the battery; With high air drying and purification device, ensure the battery production energy conservation and environmental protection; In high-energy lithium iron battery material selection of key aspect, using modern synthetic technology, reduce the battery high voltage waves, improve the comprehensive performance of the battery.

Dongguan industrial park of mercury-free explosion-proof button to declare the celestial sphere alkaline manganese battery development project, project number is: 11 c26214403067 mercury-free explosion-proof button alkaline manganese battery by improving the conductivity of the zinc paste production technology to prevent and control pollution, pollution control is negative and carbonate, realize products with no mercury Using high viscosity stability good zinc dispensing, appropriately increase the proportion of zinc powder and zinc in zinc paste paste to add other conductive materials, to prevent the migration of zinc powder forming short circuit batteries, appropriate adding corrosion inhibitor, by material modification and process control can guarantee zinc cream after the fighting skill of electrical conductivity, product technical indicators mercury-free rate reached 100%.

Celestial high-energy battery and mercury-free explosion-proof button alkaline manganese battery smooth acceptance of the project, to promote new and high technology products of the company, to improve product performance, further enhance battery product quality have a tremendous role in promoting Company efforts for the general customers and dealers production safety environmental protection and efficient battery products, achieve mutually beneficial and win-win development.